ClientTracker - Most Recent Features

We are constantly improving ClientTracker – keeping old favorite features, and adding new ones based on customer suggestions.  Over the years, this has resulted in a program full of useful tools and features designed for the way that our customers work.

  • Our latest versions and their new goodies are described below
ClientTracker provides benefits in addition to the features of the software

Your initial ClientTracker purchase comes with an annual subscription to a package of benefits, including email and phone support,  and technical assistance.

New Features Now Available in ClientTracker v7.0.22 - released October 2022

NEW!  2023 ICD-10 codes included

Invoices and Statements

  • FIXED:  intermittent printing of Superbill on Mac
  • Improved:  Authorization number for Box 23 does not copy if invoice is not connected to a Visit Series


  • NEW!  Ability to mark multiple past SOAP notes final
  • NEW!  Printed SOAP note, shows when marked final and insurance authorization number
Features Added in ClientTracker v7.0.21 - released September 2022


  • Fixed importing the categories
  • Fixed importing the appointment types
  • Fixed importing the verifications and authorizations
  • Fixed POA access by family members
  • Fixed print the details tab of the 1500 (for Mac)
  • Fixed Files and photos access
  • Fixed importing SOAP metric and diagnosis code combos
  • Fixed printing the transaction report

NEW:  SOAP note locks when marked final

Features Added in ClientTracker v7.0.20 - released July 2022
  • More reliable and easier email sending.
  • NEW Waiting list enhancement
  • NEW Added function so you can unlink all recurring appoints in a series.
  • Customizable and autofill of Client ID
  • Ability to only see clients and inventory marked active in find.
  • More space on reports for longer last names to show
Features Added in ClientTracker v6.2 - released March 2017
  • Create OPEN appointments without a client booked yet
  • New Appointment Type designation and search capabilities
  • Easily turn an existing appointment into a recurring one
  • Appointment status icons for no invoice, first visit with a practitioner, etc.
Features Added in ClientTracker v6.1 - released October 2022August 2016

ICD-10 2017 Updates –  Yes!  Version 6.1 contains all the new and changed codes.  If you upgrade from an earlier version, it will also update the codes in your Diagnosis List (i.e. the ones you use) to the new set.  

ClientTracker Mobile (Cloud only)
  • Access your schedule from your mobile device
  • HIPAA secure
  • Create, edit or reschedule appointments
  • Comes with your Cloud subscription
Features Added in ClientTracker v6 - released September 2015
Standard Features included in v6

The best acupuncture-specific list of ICD-10 Codes

  • New Customers & Demo  Full descriptions, equivalents, and notes to customize the codes you use most
  • These come with any new purchase
  • If you already have a custom list of ICD-9 codes you use in your practice, it can usually be imported and upgraded to ICD-10 for an extra fee
  • Existing Customers  Upgrades from previous versions of ClientTracker will automatically build a matching list of ICD-10 codes!
  • Your existing ICD-9 code set will be analyzed by our program and matched with the officially equivalent ICD-10s
  • This creates a custom list of only the new codes you actually need and use in your practice
  • 1500-Form & Superbill enhanced to display ICD-10
  • Dynamic Diagnosis List with expanded info – access to the complete library is included as a Premium Feature

Enhanced security and control for your practice

  • Up to 4 password levels now supported
  • Levels have access to different parts of the program
  • You control to whom passwords are assigned

Copy & paste appointments as much as you want

  • Easy way to move appointments on graphic calendar
  • Copy multiple times to make recurring appointments
  • Flexible choices for rescheduling or future visits

More enhancements and improvements

  • Additional ways to search for clients
  • Display of Total Due from each Insurer
Additional Features

The amazing CodeTracker makes ICD-10 a positive change

  • Use your existing ICD-9 codes to look up ICD-10 equivalents
  • Organize and search your code list by category
  • Create “code combos” for rapid deployment

A handy Code Converter for ICD-9 codes copied forward

  • ClientTracker already copies the last visit’s codes
  • When these have to be ICD-10, it’s easy to convert!

Complete ICD-10 Code Library

Access to the full library of over 118,000 ICD-10 codes is available with your subscription.  Easily search to find the ones you need, as you need them, and add them to your program list with one click!

  • This saves you the tedious work of searching a code book or online database and manually entering the codes one at a time

Send common documents to clients quickly!

  • Save as a PDF and attach to an email
  • Send statements, invoices, receipts, tax reports, SOAP Notes, etc.
  • Send to third parties (e.g attorneys & insurers)
  • A copy of the email is saved in the client record

Year-End Transactions Report for taxes

  • Generate in a few clicks from the client’s record
  • Has your Tax ID and other required info