Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I move my data from other software into ClientTracker?

A:  FOR NEW CUSTOMERS – We can import most client contact information, patient notes, SSN, birth date etc. into ClientTracker. Importing other data is also possible. Please contact us for a quote. It generally takes up to 2 business days. We do not import billing or financial information.

Please send us a .cvs, .xls, .tab file which contains all patient data. You can send this in advance of purchasing ClientTracker so we can verify we can import it. You have to export your data from your current software. Please see your current program’s documentation or check with their tech support for instructions to export your data.

Q: Does the program come with diagnosis codes and procedure codes?

A:  ClientTracker comes pre-loaded with codes specific to Acupuncturists. However, you can add or import your own and edit or delete the ones that come with the program. 

A library of all of the  ICD-10 codes is provided.

Q: Does ClientTracker use the CMS 1500 insurance claim form? What about HIPAA 5010?

A:  Yes, ClientTracker has  the latest 02/12 version of the CMS-1500 form in both printed and e-billing formats. It includes  pop-up instructions for each box.

ClientTracker is fully compatible with HIPAA 5010 requirements, as it produces a print image file for e-billing that can be converted by some clearing houses, specifically Office Ally and Apex EDI. 

Q: Can I install ClientTracker on more than one computer?

A:  Yes! ClientTracker Cloud is an excellent platform for accessing your data from more than one computer or device.

Q: How many practitioners can use one copy of ClientTracker?

A:  There is no limit to the number of individuals that can be entered as practitioners, as long as they operate under the same practice name.  No extra charge for multiple practitioners, or for billing with different Tax IDs under the same practice name.

Q: Is the information I enter in ClientTracker Cloud safe?

A:  Everything you need and depend upon is stored securely in the Cloud. Your important business intelligence is maintained on a professional server, with HIPAA-level security and automatic, redundant backups. Never lose your data again.

Q: What are the Internet requirements?

A: In general, having a strong Internet connection is beneficial to your business in many ways. To use ClientTracker Cloud effectively, a business-class DSL or cable Internet connection is required. Cable is much better than DSL. Mobile “hot spot” cards and dial-up connections won’t work. The minimum speed is measured in Upload and Download time, but your experience will be a combination of factors: the speed and age of your computer, the efficiency of your router in dealing with cloud connections, and the quality of the modem provided by your ISP. Again, having the BEST Internet hardware and service you can afford is a major asset for your business.

Minimum Recommended Speed for ClientTracker Cloud:

  • Download Speed = 7.00 Mbps
  • Upload Speed = 1.50 Mbps      
  • Ping less than 20      Test your speed easily on 
Q: What kind of computer do I need to access the Cloud?

A: ClientTracker Cloud can be accessed from most Mac or Windows computers, iPads and tablet PCs, and smart phones.  A desktop or laptop computer is needed so you can print from the program, and serves as the central connection for your business. 

  • ClientTracker Cloud works with Mac 10.9 or higher. (It does not work with Mac OS 10.8 or earlier.)
  •  Windows 10 or 11 is required. 

An iPad or tablet is recommended as a remote data entry or consultation device; for example, charting in an exam room; for charting, an external keyboard is recommended. Your smart phone’s small screen  is useful for checking your schedule while on the go.