ClientTracker Cloud Prices and Ordering

Pay annually for the best price, or choose monthly payments to manage your cash flow. The more logins you purchase, the lower cost per login.  Compare the monthly cost of this comprehensive practice management system with your other essential monthly business expenses.

Single or multiple users on multiple devices

  • ClientTracker Mobile
  • HIPAA compliant online backup
  • Start using all functions immediately
  • Keep all your 15 day free trial data after you purchase
  • All subscription benefits
  • Choose the PROVEN SOLUTION that has served practice management needs since 2003. 
  • Receive the benefits: support included during your subscription period
  • Pay monthly or save by prepaying annually
  • Contact us with any questions about pricing
Example 1

You are a solo practitioner, and want to access ClientTracker from home as well as the office.

  • Logins = 1
Example 2

You have a part-time front desk person, and a biller who occasionally needs access to ClientTracker.  You want to be able to chart for your patients while they also do their work.

  • Logins = 2
  • Front Desk and Biller can share 1 login
Example 3

You have a busy clinic with 3 different practitioners (2 at any given time), and a full time Front Desk person.

  • Logins = 3
  • Practitioners can share 2 logins

Purchase Prices (per Login)

                        Pre-pay Annually        Monthly payments, for easy cash flow

1 login            $768                               $75  ($900 a year)

2 logins          $1296                            $125 ($1500 a year)

Additional logins can be purchased at a reduced rate.   Please contact customer service for information.

  • To purchase your logins, please contact customer service for a 15-day free trial.

Additional Services


Each unit of Training provides you with one hour of one-on-one training.               

  • Per Hour      $100

Technical Support

  • Non-standard installs: in a non-standard location or two separate computers
  • Technical issues beyond how the ClientTracker program works.


  • Per Hour      $100