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Our Philosophy
At Ginkgo Software, we know what you have invested to become a practitioner of the healing arts. Now you just want more time to spend with your patients and do what you love to do! ClientTracker helps you become more efficient so you can focus on being a healer and making your practice a success. Our intuitive, easy-to-learn interface allows you to effectively organize your work flow faster than any other Practice Management Program.

We believe the best approach is always to center your practice around what it is you love to do most. We know you want to focus on healing; not slaving over arcane electronic devices. How do you do this? Think of all the steps involved in seeing a new patient, from the first appointment to the final payment. You will find that there is a natural flow to the process, and the practitioner whose office system can “go with the flow” will have more time to spend with each patient.

"Go with the Flow"
ClientTracker is designed to optimize patient flow through your practice, from appointments to SOAP Notes to billing and payments. Its adaptable components support your practice’s natural work processes flexibly, so the computer is serving your needs rather than the other way around.

Knowing the currents and eddies of how your time flows is important to making the right decision when considering a major purchase of software to run your business. ClientTracker is a comprehensive program that understands “the flow” better than any other Practice Management System. It helps you navigate the many tasks of patient care with minimal ramp-up time. Its intuitive interface allows you to spend more time healing and less time charting or billing.

DEMO VIDEO - ClientTracker Goes with YOUR Workflow

The Bottom Line
Quite simply, our passion is to provide excellent, low-cost software that makes your life easier, and enables you to become more effective in how you run your practice, so you can heal more patients. This is what WE love to do! If this philosophy fits with your vision, we urge you to try our free Demo and see for yourself!

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